How to Choose and Use Scented Candles in the Bedroom

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Picking the right scented candle for any one room can be tough, but when it's your bedroom, it's all the more challenging. Your bedroom is so many different things all at once. Sometimes a place for quiet solitude, sometimes a place for creativity, and sometimes a place for a good time. Scented candles can enhance all these experiences. 

In this article, we're going to show you how to choose the best scented candles for the bedroom and where to look to get the most out of your olfactive addition. Some people opt for unscented bedroom candles, but why not go for gold and get the best fragrance candles to set the tone in your boudoir? And yes, we're also going to give a little advice on burning candles safely. It just makes us feel better knowing you know. 

So Which Scented Candle Are You In The Mood For?

Below we've listed a few different moods you might find yourself in while in your bedroom. From calming to inspiring to intimate, we've got the fragrances for you. It's not hard to find candles that use these scents, but you might have to sift through quite a selection of candles before you find something you love. Or you could get daring and opt for a gorgeous scented candle bundle to mix it up. Take it from us, when you do find the candle you love, it will make your life that much sweeter.

Go On, Relax

How to Choose and Use Scented Candles in the Bedroom

We don't recommend falling asleep while burning scented candles. But there are plenty of candles you can light that will provide ultimate relaxation as you prepare to drift off. If you live with someone else, you can always ask them to make sure to blow out the candle if you fall asleep. With that said, it's always best to play it safe and try to blow out the candle before succumbing to a sweet slumber.

Some scents that will help you create a serene ambiance are lavender, chamomile, and neroli. Make sure to look out for what other notes are in those candles. Lavender might be a great scent for a moment of tranquility, but when combined with more energetic notes in your candle, you might not get the fragrance you want. Chamomile is also a great choice and known for inducing calm and sleepiness. You might also try sandalwood with its creamy, soft, woody character. It's great on its own and lends considerable support to other blends.

Ignite The Spark

Are you looking to be a bit more creative? Time to journal? Working on your next billion-dollar idea? You'll need to look for scented candles with the right amount of oomph or brightness to catapult your thinking into the stratosphere. We have recently seen some fun new notes popping up in candles that are perfect for lighting up your senses.

Something that smells more like a coffee shop than a candle might be the way to go. Staying away from caffeine? Certain scents, especially traditional citrus notes like grapefruit are known to make you feel more alert and energized. We also love the idea of utilizing herb notes in candles to enhance the invigorating factor in any room. Shiso leaf is one of our new favorites, and we are starting to see it in candles more and more.

Want to make your creative juices flow? Try a candle with peppermint. Just one quick sniff of that candle will get your mind moving. It's the kind of energizing that excommunicates drowsiness. Don't worry, with this fragrance in the room, you'll soon reach your full potential. A peppermint forward candle is also great for increasing focus and concentration, making it an ideal scent to burn for studying sessions or writer's block.

Play Time

What's that you say? You're looking for something a bit more romantic? Something to burn that will light your fire? Well, let's set the mood with something extra special. I mean, we are in the bedroom after all.

If you're feeling inspired, try burning candles with spicy scents to make things all the more interesting. And no, we're not talking about a holiday spice, but some of those notes in other combinations might do the trick. Ginger can be juicy, bright, and spicy which is a fun fragrance character for a candle. Also, pepper has become quite the hot ingredient in candles and offers a particularly suitable spice note for the bedroom.

Practicing Safe Scents - Burning Candles Safely

Feeling more romantic? Try some floral scents. Try to avoid anything too traditional, like a straight rose, but look to try more modern floral blends that don't focus on the cloying aspect of florals, but rather on their fresh, soft, velvety side.

If you want something sensual, try some darker scents like leather or tobacco. You might also enjoy woodsy notes like pine or a smoky hinoki if you're looking for something with a little more edge.

Practicing Safe Scents - Burning Candles Safely

Hopefully, you've now got your ideas together for which scented candles you want to bring into the bedroom. Now we need to go over some safety tips for burning candles in the bedroom. We're all about practicing safe scents.

Keep Watch Over Candles

First things first, if you're going to burn candles, never leave a burning candle unattended. Too many people allow candles to burn thinking they will be back in just a second, only to get caught up doing something else and forget about the burning candles completely.

Be Considerate Of Spacing

When you light your candle in the bedroom, be sure that there is nothing flammable nearby in the room that may catch fire from the open flame. Probably not a shock to you, but candles, more specifically, candle burning is a fire hazard. Make sure there are no papers or other things near your flame that could catch fire if they get too close. Curtains and bedding are watch-outs too. If you have a fan in the room, be mindful of where it pushes the wick and flame and what things it might bring closer to the fire. Pets are another thing to watch out for. You don't want them to get hurt or move the candle to an unsafe location.

Consider The Burn Time

Burn time is another consideration when burning scented candles in the bedroom. We're not sure how long you'll burn the candle in your room, but most scented candles warn about excessive burn times. While we can't recommend burning the same scented candle all day long, it's ok to burn candles for several hours at a time, which should do the trick. Of course, you want the scent to permeate the room, but with high-quality scented candles, that shouldn't take more than 15-30 minutes (until a melt pool appears).

Keep an eye on the amount of wax left in your candle. Most companies advise you to stop burning that candle when little wax remains.

Lastly, always extinguish your candles safely before leaving them unattended or going to sleep. We can't stress this one enough! Make sure to fully extinguish your candle wick so there are no more red spots and the smoke has stopped.

Final Thoughts

Candles are a fun and creative way to add charm and character to your bedroom. It is well worth the joy of imbuing your bedroom, or any room, with a wonderful scented candle (or unscented candles if you must) to set the stage for whatever may be on the horizon. 

There are certain essential safety factors to keep in mind when you burn candles in your room. And yes, reed diffusers will also work, but the open flame adds something so special!

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