Fragrance Candles

Moodcast has distinguished itself in the world of scented candles by offering the best fragrance candles that celebrate the moods, memories, and moments that define us. Yes, our custom blended home fragrances boast an impressive burn time and expertly layered notes—but our candle collections do more by exploring and elevating the emotional side of scent.

Here, you may find a fragrance candle that takes you back to a cherished memory—or one that enhances a side of your personality that you are really feeling that day. Perhaps you’re looking to set the tone for the rest of the day or night, or wanting to focus on a certain aspect of yourself. Our unique aroma candles can help you do all of these, while also adding to the ambiance and aesthetic of your home.

Each fragrance candle available in the candle store was carefully crafted to capture a specific mood, memory, or moment through the transformative power of scent. Our attention to detail extends to every part of our product, from the design of the gift box to the evocative copy on the candle itself. We hope you’ll notice how all of these aspects come together to invite you on a one-of-a-kind olfactory journey.

We’re proud to offer a fine variety of clean, layered fragrances that keep customers coming back for more—and also those that our community loves to gift to friends and loved ones. While many of our fans have found their signature scent, we believe that each in our collection has its own place and time. There’s no perfect fragrance; only the fragrance that’s perfect for right here, right now. With that ethos in mind, we encourage you to try a scented candle bundle or build your own custom gift set so that you’re ready to strike a match whenever the mood strikes.

Each of our hand-poured scented candles uses clean fragrances that go above and beyond the standards for clean. We also use a custom vegan coconut wax blend to give you optimized fragrance diffusion and burn time.

Scented mood candles will always be at the heart of Moodcast, but we also love to experiment with different technologies and formats. A great example is our collaboration with Pura; that collection features some of our bestselling scents in smart home fragrance refills that allow you to enhance the mood without the flame.

Fueled by our immense passion for fragrance, we’re always brainstorming new products, collections, and collaborations. Stay tuned to this space as we announce each new, exciting launch. We’re just getting started.