Night & Day: Intention Candles & Scented Candles For Setting The Tone

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There's something special about lighting a candle. The flicker of the flame, the soft glow, and the gentle aroma that fills the air can instantly transform a space. Our Night & Day Intention Candles can open your day with positivity, set the tone for a cozy evening, and create a calming atmosphere as you drift off into the night. 

With various scents, these aromatherapy candles offer a simple yet effective way to enhance your daily routine and bring a sense of intention to all that you do. So, light a candle and let its warm glow guide you through the night and into the day.

Night & Day Intention Candles stimulate the senses with nuanced, rich, and seductive fragrances: whether you need to start your day confidently or end it on a positive note. Each dynamic scent offers a fragrance blend that serves as potent aromatherapy candles. Enjoy a great spectrum of scents that can lift your spirit during the day and calm your nerves while you unwind at night.

With more clarity, take pleasure in the small moments with our Day fragrances. If you want to start your day energized, Daybreak will give you the kick you need. Take joy in the uplifting and energetic effects of Sunburst's bright, sunny scent. And if you want to embrace the rejuvenating feeling of a renewed mind, the refreshing Sun Shower candle's fresh fragrance is perfect.

Day didn’t go as planned? Fill your space with one of our Night fragrances. Each one serves a slightly different purpose, but they all are able to relieve anxiety, promote relaxation, create a calming effect, and end the day on a more optimistic note. Nightfall is a great transitional scent to help you move from Day to Night and embrace that change. Light Nightcap to relax and de-stress alone or with a loved one after a long day. Midnight is the perfect scent to provide a subtle stillness and calm like you’ve not felt in a long time.  


Day&Night candles' collection from Moodcast

In addition to our Vibes collection of core memory candles, our Night & Day collection will grow into your new go-to collection, carefully crafted to add intention to all you do in your day. 

Every aspect of who you are deserves respect and appreciation. Like our mood candles, the fragrances within our Night & Day scented candle collection were made with thought and passion. With the help of these intention setting candles, you will learn to develop a deeper connection with the things you do throughout your day to experience each with more gratitude.

Our Night & Day line of scented candles is not only aesthetically pleasing with its intricate layering and thoughtful packaging but also boasts an impressive selection of clean-burning fragrances that will enhance any mood, fill the room with positive vibes and take you to your most elevated place. These soothing fragrances make for lovely gifts, but their benefits extend beyond that. 

Lighting relaxing candles is not just about creating an atmosphere; the flames allow you to project your intentions. With various scents in our aromatherapy candle collection, you can enhance any environment - home or work - and allow the relaxing properties to create a harmonious space for yourself and those around you.

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