Mood Candles

This is the collection that started it all. One sniff, and you’ll see why.

Persona is our flagship family of mood candles, each designed around the knowledge that scent can be emotionally grounding, restorative, and transformative. We have a passion for the emotional side of scent, and nowhere is that more evident than within the fragrances that comprise Persona. These signature fragrances do more than set the mood; each is a mood in and of itself. This is why, while each collection brings its own magic to the Moodcast brand, our heart lies within the original Persona collection.

Persona mood candles invite you to honor all that you are. Each side of your personality is to be respected and celebrated. Each contributes uniquely and greatly to your personality, your life’s journey, and your way of seeing the world. This was the inspiration behind Moodcast, and how the Persona collection came to be. Think of it as 100% cheerleader, 0% judge. You do you—on your own time, in your own way, and with expertly layered scented candles to set the mood.

Each fragrance within the Persona collection of mood candles helps one focus on the present. Strike a match, and melt into what is true for you in that particular moment. Light Homebody to cozy up for a FOMO-free evening at home, complete with your favorite book and beverage. If you’re looking to wash away the stress of your day, you’ll want to grab the soothing scent of Daydreamer. When it’s time for a confidence boost, turn to Stunner to help you feel your best. Sinner’s always ready to help you embrace your naughty side, helping you have a wild time, while Luminary places creative inspiration at your fingertips. However you’re feeling or want to feel, the Persona collection will meet you where you are and help to set the mood. When you’re ready to experience the collection, consider building a candle gift set to try several at a pleasantly discounted price.

And, yes, of course, our Persona collection of mood-enhancing scented candles is beautifully layered, thoughtfully designed and packaged, and packed with sophisticated fragrances made of clean-burning ingredients; but, those descriptors can be applied to so many home fragrance brands. When it’s time to dig a little deeper, we hope you’ll see why the Persona collection does more than fill your home with a lovely scent and look pretty on the shelf. We hope you’ll look beyond the surface and discover what makes these scents so special—and how they honor and enhance what makes you special, too.