Night & Day Collection Bundle

Night & Day Collection Bundle

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Experience each night and day with more intention.

Our Night & Day Collection Bundle comes with all 3 night and all 3 day 8oz candles from our Night & Day collection.

Start your day with a burst of energy from Sunburst and relax in the evening with a little Nightcap.

Easily order the whole Night & Day collection, full of fragrances crafted to carpe noctem and carpe diem! 

Get all of our Night & Day collection candles: 

1x Daybreak - mint, basil blossom, eucalyptus

1x Midnight - fir needle, labdanum, cinnamon leaf

1x Nightcap - rum, black plum, tonka

1x Nightfall - peppercorn, ginger, sandalwood

1x Sun Shower - dewy leaves, river rock, moss

1x Sunburst - shiso leaf, bamboo, amber