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Colorful Core Memory Candles

You know those special, singular moments you know you’ll always remember, even as they’re happening in real time? A chance encounter that leads to a forever friendship, the most unforgettable weekend with your crew, that stomach-stirring flutter of a life-changing crush—these pivotal moments were the inspiration behind our Vibes collection of core memory candles.

It’s no secret that scent is closely tied to memory. Perfumers around the world have used natural home fragrance along with that knowledge to transport wearers to wherever (and whoever) they want to be. The Vibes collection harnesses this elusive art to offer a variety of home memory candles tied to the magical moments that define us, expertly crafted to take us right back. 

Go back to that surreal Beach Vacay where everything just went right. Go back to the First Kiss with the last person you ever want to kiss. Go back to the comforting nostalgia of a trip Back Home during a time when you needed it most. Go back to these and other cherished moments with a beautiful memory candle and the strike of a match.

The colorful candles that comprise our Vibes collection feature eye-catching, iridescent glass evocative of the vivid glow of memory. So many precious moments end too soon, but these thoughtfully layered fragrances allow us to revisit them with a beauty worthy of their importance. Inside, you’ll find the signature wax blend and olfactory craftsmanship that all of our scented mood candles have become known for.

Each memory candle comes in a stunning, shimmering box made from a unique metallic paper that mirrors the iridescent effect of the glass vessel, offering a glimpse of the magic inside even before the package is opened. The design makes our Vibes collection perfect for gifting, especially if the recipient is someone with whom you share that coveted memory.

What’s more, the boxes are wrapped in a reflective color gradient that shifts as it goes around the box, from scent to scent. The result is that when all of the Vibes are lined up next to each other in their boxes, they form a complete rainbow across the front. Collect them all to experience this visual delight for yourself, and keep them close for easy access to the moments and memories you want to relive, over and over.