His Pillow - Vibes Collection (Iridescent) - 3.4fl oz/100ml Glass Room & Linen Spray - Key Notes: Purple Sage, Teakwood, Pine

His Pillow - Room & Linen Spray

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purple sage, teakwood, pine

A perfect night. Cozy, warm, euphoric. A lingering scent that can only be his. The start of something new.

A thrilling spark of lemon blossom hints at a fresh beginning, as wild sage grows from earthy layers of pine and teak. Something new is brewing—an aromatic dream, both safe and stirring.

Moodcast room and linen sprays were crafted to deliver an immediate and lasting burst of mood-enhancing fragrance. Keep this in your home, office, car, or anywhere you want to add mood on-demand.

Alcohol Free Formulation
Clean Fragrance: no parabens, phthalates, sulfates
Cruelty Free
Fill: 100ml (3.4fl oz)
Size: 1.5" diameter, 6" tall