The Ultimate Power Couple For Valentines Day!

February 02, 2021

The Ultimate Power Couple For Valentines Day!

It’s the season of love, and who’s more deserving of love than you?

This Valentine’s Day, celebrate the greatest love of all by layering the warm, comforting notes of Homebody with the reflective, joy-promoting scent of Soloist. It’s the perfect way to cozy up and reconnect with the one who’s sure to always be there. (And if you do have a special someone, they’ll love this duo of luxury fragrances as well.)

For a limited time, buy one Homebody and one Soloist together for $70 (originally $84).



I hereby release anything and everything that is blocking the flow of love and abundance to me.

Winter’s days are numbered, and spring is around the corner. This transitional time offers the perfect opportunity to reset and ready ourselves for good things to come. An important step toward living a life filled with joy, love and abundance is the release of anything blocking their flow. Fear, doubt, hesitation—let them all go, and allow positive things to take their place.