Color Candle Therapy Is In Session

February 16, 2021

Color Candle Therapy Is In Session

Stunning Winter Whites

Stunning Winter Whites: Moodcast Candle Co.

After a January that felt like a continuation of 2020, we’re calling for a do-over. If you haven’t yet set an intention for the new year, there’s still time to make a fresh start. 

To set the scene for a new beginning, do as Mother Nature does and surround yourself with winter white: clean linens, fluffy sweaters, and decorative accents that create a color story of purity, harmony, and truth. Once the proverbial slate is wiped clean, your most beautiful self can shine.

Enhance the mood further by giving yourself a confidence boost. Light Stunner and let its luxurious layers of violet, sandalwood and rosewood open your heart and mind to new, wonderful things.

Bring on 2021. Let it be as bright and sparkling as you are.