A Season For Self-Care

January 19, 2021

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a season for self-care

With the holidays behind us and months to go before spring, this is the perfect time to rest, reset, and nourish ourselves. And on the chilliest winter days, these soothing self-care rituals will allow you to do just that without leaving the cozy comforts of home.


Turn off the tech.

We’re naturally less physically active during winter, which makes it easy to spend more time mindlessly scrolling. Be conscious of your increasing smartphone use, and set aside time each day to tune out. Swap your screen for a good book, and light Homebody to set a cozy mood with notes of smoky cade, white bergamot, and vanilla.

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Get crafty.

If you dream it, you can make it. Try your hand at arts and crafts, either by enrolling in a class or simply tackling one of the many DIY tutorials on the Internet. Focusing on a new project or skill will break up your routine and give your mind a chance to reset. For an added boost of creativity and concentration, light Luminary while you work.

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Enjoy a soak.

If you’re lucky enough to have a bath tub, now’s the time to use it. Run the warm water, add essential oils or bubbles, and light a luxury fragrance that will help your worries wash away. We recommend Daydreamer for its soothing blend of neroli, white tea, and driftwood.

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Get cooking.

An obvious way to feel full and nourished is with a delicious meal or treat, and wintertime has us craving comfort foods. I have been baking a ton with so much more time spent at home. I got a great cookbook that avoids refined sugar and gluten and the recipes are still delicious. Though I am a novice baker, I find the process of stirring, kneading and tasting to be both meditative and stimulating—which is a perfect recipe for self-care. This week, recreate a childhood classic, or learn how to master a new dish.

Adam - Moodcast Founder



I give myself permission to rest.

Nature uses the cold, dark months of winter to recharge. Why not allow yourself to do the same? Slow down, find strength in the stillness, and redirect it toward any areas in your life that could use some extra love. Like the landscape around you, you’ll emerge from this season with a renewed sense of energy, passion and power.